Walt F.J. Goodridge, the Ageless Adept, presents:

How to Starve, Suffocate, Poison, Zap, Shed, Scrape & Flush Parasites from Your System & Win Your Worm War Once and for All!

Includes a Protocol for Rope Worms!


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Is Aging Caused by Parasites?

To some, this may sound absurd, I know. However, based on my personal experience, I believe that many of the illnesses and conditions we commonly refer to as "aging" are actually the results of parasitic infestation. Check the list on page 50 of The Parasite Report (summarized in the graphic below) and decide for yourself. The reasons many of these symptoms occur at certain later stages of life are several. First, (a) a youthful body has more energy and the stronger immune system required to suppress the symptoms if it encounters parasites early in life. Next, (b) the more years you spend on the planet, the greater will be your chances of encountering parasites in travel or daily life, and (c) the later in life you encounter these parasites, the more likely your body's resistance and immune system will already have been compromised by the common accumulations and deficiencies caused by a lifetime of unnatural dietary and lifestyle practices. In other words, what we consider the normal decline due to age may not be due to the age itself, but due to the increased probability of the occurrence of specific conditions that more years on the planet may expose you to--and one of those conditions is exposure to parasites.

Therefore, my hypothesis is this: if the deterioration we consider to be "normal" aging is indeed due to parasitic infestation, and if you can successfully eliminate those parasites--while living what I've named the "clean cell lifestyle"--I believe you can, to a great degree, slow or reverse the aging process. Of course, this is only my hypothesis!

However, it is a hypothesis I've devoted most of my life to proving. Discover what I've been able to heal, eliminate and reverse using my arsenal of parasite-elimination products, protocols and practices (including the Parasite Fast) -- The Ageless Adept

Lose Pounds of "Worm Weight,"* Cleanse Your System, and WIN Your Private "WORM WAR"... Once and for All!

*worm weight- n.[as coined by the author] the 5 to 20 pounds or more of added body weight (typically as a distended "pot belly") caused by the presence of worms in colony, their toxic load of enzymes, feces, eggs and decayed bodies, plus the undigested, unmoving waste matter and constipation that results from their presence. You could "miraculously" lose 5-20 pounds of "worm weight" once you rid yourself of the culprits!

Bonus: A Special Protocol for Rope Worms

One of the least diagnosed, but most persistent and difficult parasites to eliminate is the "rope worm." Anyone who has released one of these and seen it in their stool knows that these are not "colon lining" as some have speculated. I've included a special chapter on ways to reduce the toxicity, odor, hair loss, bloating and other effects caused by these resistant pathogens.

The first key question: Do I Have Parasites?

Download The Parasite Report and receive the full, high-resolution poster shown here ("What Happens to Your Body When Worms Get Inside"). It includes all the symptoms of parasite infestation. You may have parasites and not even realize it!

Yours when you download The Parasite Report


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